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This episode talks about a modest behavior in family ties. The rules of upgrade and the guide to understanding. Host: The Radio Apprentice

This a message to all the beautiful ladies out there seeking to do the extra just to get in shape and be of confidence. Please Listen!

If you wish to be in an adventure, prepare your mind because your passion became more visual to you, not because a motivational speaker told you his or her story to buy time.

Those ideas that aren’t working now might not be waiting for a motivational speaker to help you fix. Sometimes you just have to take a break, put it on auto pilot mode, while you try something else, just to give you more sense of challenge.

Before you let your heart get stolen, remember what happens to what is stolen and also, remember the intent of the thief.

This is a replay of Oralvault live Podcast with the Radio Apprentice, late-night 10 pm show. A little of everything, you just stay tuned, and let’s have a good time.

Regardless of what you think, love is a foundation that knows understanding as her rock. The perception always different when understanding is the only missing from the mix. Time over time, you listen to people talk about silence and maturity and that is the issue I hope to address. Perhaps, those who speak out, end […]

Shit is going down around the world guys, if you haven’t heard, one person infected with the coronavirus might suggest an additional 3 – 4 persons likely to be infected. You are not immune unless your body says you are and since we don’t have a way to ask the body how prepared it is, […]