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It used to be a beauty to behold your ideas growing up and then wait till you finish school to start living like your wealthy Uncles and Aunties.During those days when we first head stuff like ‘the sky is your limit if you went to school. Could it be that this phrase has become a […]

Discussing your product could be the push that you crave to have moving forward. The most awkward pattern of marketing is that which is peculiar to you alone.

Enjoy your great evening, while i keep the meal going….

This a session about a comment that had proved annoying and disrespectful to me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and for a place like the internet that is without walls or shelter, its a big place to accommodate as much conspiracy theory as possible. People are entitled to their personal opinion and until […]

Racism is a theme unaccepted but since we are still being colonized? I doubt anything is going to be far different after this protest. Things may have happened before, but the progression of RACISM is a solution that we can strongly suggest through independent and credible leadership.

This is an introduction to a controversial topic, a heartbeat Nettune Radio Podcast series, anchored by the Radio Apprentice. what you don’t seem to appreciate, is a one-week Radio show, but, we promise to get copies on our directories oralvault to air these series.

Congratulations to every youth who made it through the NYSC period. You served your country right, now it’s time to serve your dreams too. Are we still complaining about what we already know? I don’t think we should…

This is a Podcast on Toxic activities that go on in relationships. Nettune Radio Late night show with the Radio Apprentice and Jemimah

The event is simple but gets inspired as time goes on. I have made mistakes, but are too honest and nothing I could do because I simply applied the laws of nature to my approach. Things don’t get simpler, they get harder and while we are young, we get to become much harder on ourselves, […]

The world is on the go, we are on the fence, working our eyes through and hoping we don’t have to jump. All the fear will be under just very soon and the world as you know it, will continue.