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We are always quick to think freely on how to benefit the life of someone good, in the near future that we have not seen yet. But, until that change happens.

Sales funnel strategies basically teaches everyone how to explore the new marketing strategies read and available.

Someone whose house is in flames cannot go running after a neighbors flat with a bucket of water to quench their heat. We must learn to practice charity first from the comfort of our own issues.

Check who is humble and who is loyal for real. The phrase is used by everyone and because of that, we are asked to bend over for as long as we wait to gain, then we can take a bow. Now think, could it be that there is someone around you, who is playing the […]

Catch the cruise all you want, sharing photos and discussing a billionaire whose photo was leaked but, don’t make it sound like a war to come.

You can say anything you please, as long as you are influential and wealthy. E.g. If you are Wike, you wouldn’t have a problem saying what you want where ever. #The Radio Apprentice

So, I witness through the comment section, a lady who was been abused and brutalized because she believed in what she said, happily.

Because, people tell heart felt story about their past and the future they claim to know so much about, we pretend not to have the slightest understanding for why we get through the series that made us who we are. Oralvault Radio podcast #oralvaultradio #updates

Talking about the year so far, it might have been pretty angry to a lot of people and happy to a few people. But, I think, the year has only smiled at those whose plans were waiting to be executed eventually. Talking about the year so far, it might have been pretty angry to a […]

This could be the most amazing phrase if properly used.

The best form of strength is the part where it begins to speak! Do what you can and allow nature to play the cards that are yet to be discovered.

The package is always hidden until we searched through our minds to realise that, your mind can’t see all that your heart was aching about. It’s common to be played, if you were a football…

Podcast: The Muse Pick and today, it’s all about letting the year come to an end before you talk about a new one. You cannot be planning for a new year and while sleeping off the next few weeks like it’s all over already. Host: CS Nwilliams “The Radio Apprentice”

The reality of thought and conscience is basically poking a lifestyle of alter-ego and that of an misinformed human seeking an entitlement. If anyone must take an action that might be against your best interest, make them take responsibility for their next thought, not by the crown of entitlement that we have become used to, […]

So, for once in a while, I am going to sound like a motivational speaker, although not the kind that makes you want to break edges but more like the person who listens and wishes you well. Host: CS Nwilliams “The Radio Apprentice”Station: Oralvault Radio

Podcast Replay: The benefiting talking to be is so common that I get to know when there are changes with your line of speech in time to come. You don’t assume when you have no clue what the conversation was in the beginning. Communication can be trivial but perfect for a better understanding!!

Playing politics has always been one of the most controversial and difficult games, but its a game, which implies that we can still be good friends and still be there for each other even after the games are won and lost. The Radio Apprentice

The youths are seeking the right leadership with a movement for all. So, are we going to say, that the youths already in power doing well?

All those times we snoop in to check if our ex if doing well without us…