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This episode talks about a modest behavior in family ties. The rules of upgrade and the guide to understanding. Host: The Radio Apprentice

It used to be a beauty to behold your ideas growing up and then wait till you finish school to start living like your wealthy Uncles and Aunties.During those days when we first head stuff like ‘the sky is your limit if you went to school. Could it be that this phrase has become a […]

Discussing your product could be the push that you crave to have moving forward. The most awkward pattern of marketing is that which is peculiar to you alone.

This a message to all the beautiful ladies out there seeking to do the extra just to get in shape and be of confidence. Please Listen!

If you wish to be in an adventure, prepare your mind because your passion became more visual to you, not because a motivational speaker told you his or her story to buy time.

Those ideas that aren’t working now might not be waiting for a motivational speaker to help you fix. Sometimes you just have to take a break, put it on auto pilot mode, while you try something else, just to give you more sense of challenge.

Before you let your heart get stolen, remember what happens to what is stolen and also, remember the intent of the thief.

Absolutely, i must say convincingly that you hold some and say some, as not every lady would do much if told all.

Enjoy your great evening, while i keep the meal going….